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British India

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by A. C. Lovett

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- 1890 -

This is a one of the nicest, most colorful antique images of military uniforms in my collection. It is a great full-color lithograph made a century and a quarter ago, showing the uniforms of the Bengal Army in British India.

The Bengal Army, which included some of the most famous military units in India, was the army of the "Presidency of Bengal," one of three such entities that the British East India Company had in South Asia. After the Indian Rebellion of 1857 (almost entirely confined to the Bengal Army), the British Crown took over direct control of all three presidencies and their armies. This is a large, poster-size antique lithograph, almost two feet wide (to be precise, 22 inches by 16 inches, including margins), with superb coloring (although this does not show all that well in the scans.)

There are 15 types of uniforms illustrated, identified by the following notations in the top and bottom margins: 13th (Duke of Conaught's) Bengal Lancers, Daffadar (Sergeant), Marching

19th (Fane's Horse) Bengal Lancers, Sowar (Trooper), Marching Order

1st Punjaub Infantry (Coke's Rifles), Native Officer, Full Dress

4th (Hazara) Mountain Battery, Gunner, Field Service Dress

Queens Own Corps of Guides (Infantry), Native Officer, Full Dress

4th Goorkha Regiment, Sepoy, Marching Order

Queens Own Corps of Guides (Cavalry), Native Officer, Field Service Dress

45th Rattray's Sikhs, Sepoy, Full Dress

3rd Bengal Cavalry, Sowar, Field Service Dress

1st Punjaub Cavalry, Sowar, Full Dress

1st Sikh Infantry, Piper, Full Dress

H. E. The Viceroy's Body Guard, Sowar, Full Dress

18th Bengal Infantry, Native Officer, Full Dress

15th Mooltanee Cavalry, Sowar, Full Dress

1st Bengal Cavalry, Sowar, Full Dress

This is a great military image from the British Indian Army, drawn by one of the Victorian era's most talented military artists, A. C. Lovett, and it will display wonderfully.

Alfred Crowdy Lovett (1862-1919) was a military artist best known for his watercolors and other images of the varied uniforms of the different armies of British India. When this lithograph was published, he was shown with the rank of Lieutenant, but as his work continued over the next several decades, this designation would change, right up to Colonel and then Brigadier General (which I believe is the highest rank that he achieved).

A great original lithograph, a century and a quarter old, this antique image certainly captures the spirit and color of the Indian Army at the height of the Empire!

This early full-color lithograph was made during an era when images in the illustrated journals were strictly black-and-white wood engravings. Then, just a few years before this image was made, several British journals began to distribute full-color lithographs in one or two issues a year (work on these had to be begun months in advance, and very often their production had to be contracted out to one of the few firms capable of producing the quality of colored images needed). This great lithograph was distributed as a Supplement of The Graphic in 1890 and it is in excellent condition. There is a double-fold in the center, but this will be virtually invisible when this antique print is framed. This is truly an outstanding image, with beautiful coloring, and it will look exceptionally nice when displayed.

This Victorian lithograph is ORIGINAL - IT IS GENUINE, NOT A REPRINT OR "REPRO" OF ANY SORT! It was made 121 years ago and guaranteed to be authentic, and not a later reprint or any other type of reproduction!

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