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"The Union Army"

Set #1

Released in 2008

Safari, Ltd presents their

"Historical Collection"

A stunning collection of Union & Confederate soldiers. Hand-painted, accurately detailed, and action packed Union Army set #1 includes 5 soldiers & a stonewall.( 1.5" - 3" H) These are the same wonderful Safari, Ltd. products found in Museum Gift Shops and upscale educational toy stores!! Not for under 3 due to small parts

The issues of slavery and state's rights were the principal causes of the Civil War which lasted from 1861 -1865. When the government passed a law that forbade slavery in the new western states, the South believed that their state rights were being threatened because they relied on slaves to produce cotton. They decided to separate themselves from the North, which led to the start of the conflict. The defeat of the Confederate Army by the Union Army led to the abolition of slavery and helped us become the great nation that we are today .

This set contains:

1-Union soldierwith flag. Each military unit created their own flag. called "colors." Flags were also used to signal and send coded messages.

1-Union Soldier kneeling.The smallest units of soldiers was called a company
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