Union Pacific Railroad Diesel Locomotive Blueprint Drawing

Union Pacific Railroad Locomotive Engine Blueprint is approximently 40 inches by 24 inches. We will ship in a cardboard roll. We are not sure the age of these documents (appear clean as they were found in cardboard rolls). They are blueprints in the most common form. Our corporation purchased a large closed printing / blueprint company in Chicago, Illinois, along with all the machinery and all inventory therein. Among the large inventory were numerous blueprints, including, but not limited to, the items listed for sale.Blueprints are prints made on a specially prepared substrate such as cotton, paper, or Mylar. The material on which the blueprints are made is coated with a light sensitive solution. When exposed, the solution sets into a dark blue color, leaving the unexposed portions white. The result is a traditional blueprint, also called a cyanoprint, a design in white against a blue background. Blueprints are used in architectural designs such as renderings for houses and ships, and the term is also used more generally to refer to a detailed and precise plan. Contact printing is used to produce blueprints. First, a drawing is made on tracing paper, cloth, or another material which is transparent, allowing light through. The drawing is positioned over material soaked in a blueprint solution, and then exposed to a bright light. ... read more