Union/Somerville Marbrie Paperweight

This unusual Union Glass Company (often called Somerville weights since Union Glass was in Somerville, Mass.) marbrie-style paperweight is a shade under 3 5/8" wide and 3" high. Generally these weights were of a patriotic red, white and blue so it is unusual to see one with green alongside the red, white and blue dragged glass. The base is flat and very well worn.

Nicholas Lutz, the French glassmaker who also had worked at Boston & Sandwich and New England Glass Co., joined Union Glass in 1895 - one can see his influence in the poinsettias that top many of the Union weights. Since the flower atop this weight is not particularly in the Lutz style I have wondered if it is not one of the earlier weights made at Union. Known for their patriotic, name, and floral weights, Union Glass Co. is part of the grand tradition of antique New England paperweights and one, two or more of these large, wonderfully hunky weights belong in any antique American collection. This particular weight is in its original finish and is in great condition with only some light scratching and t Regarding my photos, the ribbons of pulled glass are true to color, however the blue and red in the center flower are actually somewhat darker than they appear in my photos...I do not photograph royal blue well...I don't know why.

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