Union X#5 Jack Plane

For sale a super condition Union X No 5 smooth bottom plane. This is the finest condition Union "X" series plane I have observed. Usually the "X" series Union planes show lots of rough usage and neglect so most japanning is missing with lots of rust. I believe t is close to 100% bright black japanning still present on the body and same for finish on the handle and knob. The blade does have some rust which I have not disturbed. The remainder of the blade appears to have the original factory shine. The blade is "Lakeside". I believe that blade to be original to the plane as it matches the rest of the plane and from the information I have located Union marketed their "X" series planes thru Montgomery Ward retail stores. Of all the "X" series Union planes I have observed it is about equally divided between Union blades and Lakeside blades. This plane has been sitting on a shelf for many years and I failed to wipe all the dust from the plane and that shows in places. Too good to use in the shop.