As you can see from my positive feedback for the past 6 years, I have sold numerous, gorgeous, quality pieces of antique, vintage jewelry...

This particular piece is one of my absolute favorites to offer at auction!!!!!!!!

It is just breathtaking in craftsmanship and quality! And as you know, charm bracelets are unique in that each collector has a special place in thier heart for each charm that is carefully and lovingly added.

I have taken several pictures of the bracelet so you can see the "unique" variety of charms that the previous owner collected over the years.

T are a total of 13, unique, yellow gold charms.

The charm bracelet itself is stunning! It is marked on the hasp 14K. It is a SOLID 14K double linked and double welded yellow gold chain. No details have been left out on the quality.

Each "o" ring has been welded so the charm cannot be lost. T are some "o" rings that are the very solid key ring style slip! I am telling you, this is a very nice old gold charm bracelet!

The total weight of the bracelet with all of the charms is a whopping 1.5 ounces of gold! In grams, that would be about 42.53 grams of gold. (conversion 28.35 times 1.5) WOW!!!!!!!

I will describe each one in detail for you:

1. Starting from the clasp and going left, t is a
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