Unique Antique Cut Out Coin Columbian Expo Half Dollar 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair

Antique very fine Chicago 1893 World's Fair Columbia Exhibition Coin cut-out pendant. I have never seen another like this and have looked for a number of years. It appears that this piece is comprised of two silver cut-outs with a gold center between. Very fine front and back-side cut-outs are held together in a simple silver pendant frame that replicates a coin edge. I have taken this to a gold buyer and to a very reputable coin dealer in CT and both said to test the gold center to see if it is truly gold they would have to destroy the pendant, which I did not want to do. .I found this among my mother's things and wonder if it could have been a gift she or my grandmother received in youth. Both were parade/pageant queens. Don't really know -- just a guess. I knew most of mom's pieces so this was a bit of a surprise. Perhaps a World's Fair or coin collector would appreciate it more than I. I does not hold any sentimental value to me.