Unique Custom Estate 10kt Gold Diamond Ring

This gorgeous estate ring is a custom piece. Designed in 10kt yellow gold this ring makes a statement. Delicately designed leaves hold 6 real sparkling diamonds which curve around a large centre diamond. The gold has been braided to give a tree bark effect. The leaves stand up high from the ring giving it such a distinctive effect. Quite a stunning looking piece. It appears to be a size 7 or 8. It has a good strong shank. Again, this came from my aunt's estate and was purchased about 25 years ago. She had this made by a custom jeweler she frequented on her trips to Boston. I know she paid a substantial amount for this ring. Other than that, I have no other information on it. Truly an incredible design. I have never seen one like it. I am going to let you decide how much it is worth with a low starting fee. Wear it with pride. Thank you for taking the time. Bid Happy.