3 UNIQUE & Decorative Powder Compacts- NEVER USED

This is a collection or lot of three lovely metal powder compacts, each with very decorative lids containing faux pearls, sparkling rhinestones, and shimmering poured glass. The compacts date back to the late 1940s or very early 1950s and all are in very good condition . I do not believe any of the compacts have been used, as none have ever held any powder in them. In fact, the insides are very shiny and pristine for all.

Detailed Descriptions and More Photos Below

Close-Up Photos Below

Details are as follows - see first photo above - from left:

(left) This round powder compact features many many small faux pearls on top in a circular shape, converging towards the center. The center has a much larger pearl in the very middle, surrounded by an interesting raised celluloid design (see photos below). Inside the compact, you see an excellent glued magnifying mirror, very clear and totally useable. The body of the compact contains an open powder well for loose face powder, but there currently is no powder in the well. I believe the well never had any powder in it. The original silk fitted powder sifter is present, as well as the original , relatively thick pink powder puff. Neither the puff nor the sifter have ever been used. The compact measures just over 2½" in diameter.

(middle ) This rectangular
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