Unique Diamond Nativity Springerle Cookie Mold

This mold is of a Nativity Narrative Scene . A beautiful mold that is deep, crisp and very orna te . The mold is a replica, made of resin and is hand made in Switzerland . It measures 7 3/8" x 4 3/16". This unique mold molds beautifully and is very crisp. This mold will arrive with a common recipe and instructions for care.

This Mold can be used to make 2 different Springerle - The whole Mold

or just the center Nativity Scene.

Questions about this mold? Please write. I'll answer.

I will be offering a few other unique molds that have arrived from Switzerland . I will only have one or two of each so please be sure to check back.

Springerle Molds make Great gifts that will last for generations.

Please note that we are very busy at the bakery now and I may take a day or two to respond to questions or requests.

This Mold may also be used to make paper castings to produce your own greeting cards or to make ornaments. Go to for ideas

Springerle have a very long and fascinating history going back nearly 600 years. It is noted that some of the very first springerle were of religious scenes. Springerle have been used as tellers of tales, educational media, and betrothal tokens between lovers.

The general consensus from what we have found is that Springerle were
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