Up for auction is an authentic, Borden’s Elsie The Cow lighted sign with a working clock and working light. This has good color and the lettering and graphics are sharp.

Has the vintage ELSIE THE COW LOGO in the upper left corner. What every company wants is an instantly recognizable logo and Borden's had it with ELISE THE COW.

If you are a collector of vintage signs, you know that a Borden's combination sign and clock with ELSIE THE COW IS A VERY RARE FIND !!

The hours on the clock are represented with neon blue triangles and the center of the clock has a neon blue circle with the lettering in the lower right of the sign reading VERY big on FLAVOR.

At the top of the sign the plastic sign cover extends out 1 ½” from the blue frame and then it angles inward and at the bottom it extends out just ¾” from the blue frame. This adds to the vintage look of the piece. The sign face measures 17 x 11" and this is encased in a neon blue sturdy metal frame. Nice size, not too large or too small.

Overall, the sign displays very well as you can see for yourself in the photos. The sign looks best when the light is on and when it is hung up on the wall. On the left edge is a pull chain which activates the switch to turn the

light off and on. On the plastic sign cover there is a clouded area where
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