Unique Superb Flexible Fish Mother of Pearl

Unique superb Fish that is flexible like it will be still alive. The sign of the fish is one of the most frequent images used by early Christians. The gospels present many stories with fish and fishermen. Fish are associated with the water of baptism and with the last supper. The Greek word is an acrostic (the first letters of a series of words spell a word) that stands for Christ. In Greek, IXOYE, meaning fish, forms the five letters of the initials of Jesus/Christ/of God/the Son/Savior. The acrostic was used by the fourth century, if not earlier. Tradition records that during the early years of persecution the sign of the fish is used by Christians to identify each other by tracing the sign in the sand or dirt. Other similar stories are that an image of a fish on walls is used to indicate the direction to concealed worship places for visitors and that when a fish sign was shown outside a house, the pagan meaning was a funeral banquet and the Christian meaning was that the Lords Supper would be held that night. Some scholars (Jenson) question whether this sign really was used for cryptic communication. Occasionally, the image of the fish appears on crosses as in this example taken from an image in the Calixtus catacombs. Today, an outline of a fish serves as an auto emblem and
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