The GI who once wore this canteen had the privilege to wear one made by one of the most scarce WWII manufacturers : RUTENBER ELECTRIC CO. ( 1943 )... it didn't change anything to the fate of the canteen.... which bear the traces of many slugs and artillery shell fragments...the soldiers' fate remains unknown !

Dug in a woods near St-Vith, Belgium, by a friend of mine some years ago, I obtained this items and kept it a long time as a terrific keepsake of the battle.

This item might be used as an educational item , a museum piece or for your own personal collection...

If you collect items from the 7th armored Division, 28th Infantry, 82nd airborne, 30th Infantry, 75th Infantry etc... don't miss that one....THIS IS UNIQUE.

Please check also my other items for more WWI and WWII relics of the battle of the Bulge and Bastogne ( including 17th and 101st airborne stuff, helmet etc... )

Edwin Rutenber achieved his destinction in the desinging and manufacturing of the first-four cylinder engine. Edwin was born in Sadorus, Illinois on August 10, 1876 to Darwin and Zelia Rutenber. He passed away in September 1962 at Greenville, Michigan.Edwin made a study of mechanics, learning the trade and in 1892 or tabouts, invented a single cylinder motor. In 1898 he produced his first four cylinder gasoline motor. Come
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