Genuine Giraffe Bone Elephant Carving from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Art at it's best. All items direct from Africa.

This is an incredible piece of African Art which is totally unique in it's kind. It is the leg bone from a Giraffe which has been carved with a depiction of elephants walking in the bush. The bone measures approx. 24" long. The pictures just do not do this fantastic hand carved piece any justice at all. This carving would make a stunning adornment to your ethnic room or trophy room. I am sure that if a unique artwork like this were to be sold in an African curio shop in the US or European region, that it would go for hundreds of dollars and not what you would be buying it for on e-bay. This is a one off opportunity to purchase your piece of Africa direct from Africa.

This box will be sent via airmail which takes anything from two to six weeks. The cost for this service is US$25 . This shipping cost may seem high but that is what it costs me to get the box t I don't make any profit on the shipping. Please read my 100% feedback to satisfy yourself that you are buying from a reputable individual who prides himself on maintaining absolute customer satisfaction. I am a Registered Trophy Dealer and licensed to sell animal products worldwide. All applicable items will be sent with the appropriate Cites
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