Unique Monte Zavatta Custom Railroad Spike Knife!

Offered for your consideration is a very unique hand forged custom hunting knife from Arizona maker Monte Zavatta. Zavatta has been making knives professionally for over twenty years and is a full-time maker. His knives and sheaths always have a very distinctive look. He free-hand designs all of his knives and doesn't use templates or CAD programs. You may see the occassional hammer mark and/or forging mark on Zavatta's blades, which add a touch of character to his unique creations. This piece was forged from a railroad spike. I've owned numerous knives that were made from these spikes, including several from very well-known makers. However, this one is definitely the most unique and unusual.

Since we've entered the internet age, hundreds of knifemakers and would-be knifemakers have entered the industry. Some are very talented and produce exceptional knives. A few even produce work comparable to many of the makers in the Knifemaker's Guild. However, a large number simply buy blade blanks and off-the-shelf mounts, put the knife together, add a bit of finish work or filework to the spine, etch their name on the knife and sell the knife as a "handmade custom" knife. Zavatta is a true craftsman and artisan who hand forges his blades and adds his artistic touch to each piece. he has sole authorship of his knives.

The knife
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