Wonderful egg made of rare stone named natrolite!

Note: white patches are effect of flashing

Origin: Kola Peninsula, Russia.

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1" (38 x 26mm )

Weight: 1 oz (29 grams)

Some facts about natrolite:

Chemistry: Na 2Al 2Si 3O 10 -2H 2O, Hydrated sodium aluminum silicate

Class: Silicates

Subclass: Tektosilicates

Group: Zeolites

Natrolite is a common and popular zeolite mineral. Its radiating sprays of ice clear acicular crystals are not exclusive to natrolite but they are a hallmark of this mineral. Natrolite can make a fine specimen in itself but it often is an accessory to other minerals and can enhance the beauty of associated minerals such as apophyllite, heulandite, benitoite and others.

Natrolite's structure has a typical zeolite openness about it that allows large ions and molecules to reside and actually move around inside the overall framework. The structure contains open channels that allow water and large ions to travel into and out of the crystal structure. The size of these channels controls the size of the molecules or ions, and tfore zeolites like natrolite can act as a chemical sieve. Natrolite's structure contains chains of silicate tetrahedrons aligned in one direction; this produces the needle-like crystals.
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