Where else can you find the fragile beauty of a rose, the lifetime of a diamond and the message of a Hallmark combined in one gift?
This intricately decorated Ukrainian Easter egg or pysanka is also known as a message egg because each color and symbol has a specific meaning. The design is unique and original, and no templates or guides are used in its creation.I have personally hand-decorated the egg using the age-old batik or wax-resist process on a smooth, blemish-free medium to large sized chicken egg, in order to create a finer, more delicate masterpiece. The design is etched freehand on the egg using a stylus or kistka filled with beeswax and heated over a candle flame. The egg is dipped into a series of permanent chemical dyes as the design progresses until the final color is achieved. No bleach is used on the egg, creating more permanent, fade-resistant colors.The innards are emptied from the egg through a tiny hole on one end, and a crystal clear glaze is applied to enhance the beauty and protect and preserve your treasure. This ornate keepsake will last indefinitely and has been initialed "JS" near the bottom. A description of significant colors and symbols is included.
I have conducted numerous pysanky-making demonstrations and classes, and my eggs have been featured at the New York State Fair and sold in specialty
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