3 UNIVERSAL MONSTERS / Sideshow Action Figures / Loose / Frankenstein Bride Wolf

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3 UNIVERSAL MONSTERS / Sideshow Toys / Action Figures / Loose / Frankenstein Bride Wolfman Just in time for Halloween, and up for auction are three Universal Studios Monsters action figures. Three Universal Monster Action Figures from Sideshow Toys. These detailed action figures were produced by those mad geniuses from Sideshow Toys way back at the turn of the century (2000). Frankenstein Monster Bride of Frankenstein The Wolf man This trio of classic characters is in great condition. (Note: The Wolfman does have a loose arm) The action figures are loose but have very little wear and tear (besides being taken out of original blister pack they called home). Figures come complete with all accessories. Also in great condition. This Sideshow Toys series of the Universal Monsters line is becoming very hard to find. A nice addition for every Universal Monster collection !