--------------------------------------------------- PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND BID --------------------------------------------------- BUY IT NOW gets SIX (6 ) Hard Fired Enamel ITEMS Hello Fellow CORNHUSKER Lovers. You know who you are. Offered is a Terrific GROUP of SIX (6) HARD FIRED ENAMEL ITEMS . 2 KEYRINGS, 2 LAPEL PINS, 1 TIE TACK and 1 CHARM. WOW.... What a GREAT GROUP of UNIQUE COLLECTIBLES. This is a BrionskiMart Auction. Brionski does NOT waste your time with reserve prices. BUY IT NOW gets SIX (6 ) Hard Fired Enamel ITEMS ===== DESCRIPTION ===== WINNING "BUY IT NOW" Bid gets ALL SIX ITEMS Shown Below. You Get ONE EACH of 1) "HERBIE" KEYRING 2) SCHOOL SEAL KEYRING 3) RED "N" LAPEL PIN 4) SCHOOL SEAL LAPEL PIN 5) FOOTBALL HELMET CHARM 6) FOOTBALL HELMET TIE TACK ALL SIX ITEMS are HARD FIRED CLOISONNE ENAMEL and GOLDPLATED. Items are in their ORIGINAL Individual Poly Bag and have NEVER been opened. They are in EXCELLENT, NEW Condition but made (approx) 20 Years Ago for a Company who supplied CUSTOM Promotional Items to College Bookstores. GO HUSKERS!!!!! Ndamukong Suh "PINS ARE IN" * ** **PLEASE NOTE* ** ** BUY IT NOW gets SIX (6 ) Hard Fired Enamel ITEMS Obviously, since you have found this auction you have EXCELLENT taste in NEBRASKA Items. ===== PHOTOGRAPHS ===== PICTURES CAN BE SUPERSIZED. Please Note: Pictures are
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