Nice Unknown Maker Gingerbread Mantle Clock W/Works For Project Parts/Repair!

Cool Unknown Maker ornate gingerbread clock with works for parts/repair – great project! From the estate of a clockmaker/collector. Nice top ornament as well as side ornaments! Decent Condition but not in working condition. Seems fairly new - almost brand-new -made in Korea! The clock keeps starting and stopping so probably an easy fix. Chimes work. Has a reverse painted glass door - really cool - see photos. Not in working condition. The glass has the residue of a piece of tape over the front of it. A little goof off will take it off easily. Will make a great project! Missing pendulum and Key. Really beautiful! Looks like a clock restorer could get this up and running with little effort. See photos - what you see is what you get! Clock measures almost 23 inches in height. Measures almost 14 inches across and approximately 5-6 inches deep. Weighs approximately 10 pounds, 3 ounces. Please message us with any questions. and many blessings! XOXO