UNM Provenance 2.81 gram NORTON COUNTY Aubrite Meteorite 1948 Kansas, USA Fall

My name is Ruben Garcia aka MrMeteorite and I'm a meteorite dealer/collector. I have dealt in meteorites for 17 years and it's been a wonderful ride.
I've been featured in many books and magazines about meteorites, like Sky and Telescope, Discover, Iguana, Meteorite Times, and even the latest book by O. Richard and Dorothy Norton, called "What's so Mysterious about Meteorites?"
I've also appeared in such TV shows as, Meteorite Men, Nova Science NOW, Cash and Treasures, and the United Stats of America with Hosts "The Sklar Brothers". Of course, I've also been the subject of newspapers all across the country and various NPR and BBC radio shows.
I typically sell to high profile museums and universities all over the world. Everything I sell here is guaranteed just as if I were selling to a museum.
Feel free to visit my website (MrMeteorite) to see what I'm up to and don't forget to !
Payment is due upon auctions end, unless you contact me and want to wait a few days to bid on more items in order to combine shipping.
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I include a business card sized label that describes each particular specimen!
Payment is due upon auction end.
as all my auctions are guaranteed!
Shipping in the USA $5.25 International shipping $12.00
About this particular meteorite from the Meteoritical
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