Unmarked Fenton Carnival Glass Persian Medallion Rosebowl circa 1910

This is a lovely lavender Persian Medallion carnival glass rosebowl made by Fenton in the early 1900s. This one is unmarked as it should be and in beautiful vintage condition.

This has a beautiful base color. It shows up quite a bit darker in the pictures then it truly is although I tried to capture the actual color using different lighting. The closest I was able to get to the truest base color would probably be picture 7. I say close, however it is still lighter then that I assure you.

Now I do understand that even ddoty website doesn’t list a rosebowl in lavender and as always you of course are the judge and may consider me incorrect (and thats ok because your opinion will always trump mine :) but I stand firm on this one.

This lovely Persian Medallion rosebowl measures about 4” tall, 2 ¼” across the bottom collar,

about 2 1/8” across the top opening and about 4 ½” wide at the widest point in the center.

Here is a beautiful piece that would fit perfectly with your collection or as a stand alone piece looking lovely on a lady’s vanity. I haven’t seen a rosebowl around in this pattern. I’m not calling them rare or hard to find just that in “my” travels I haven’t came across this Persian Medallion pattern in a rosebowl. This is a nice sturdy bowl that sits firm with no wobble should you
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