Face Value: $0.91

Original Issue Price: $2.10

Mintage: 669,384

The 1956 Proof Set saw the increased interest in Proof Sets continue. Sales of the set nearly doubled from the prior year and reached 669,384 sets . This was the first year that the new "flat pack" style of packaging had been used, which had switched from boxes during the prior year.

Each 1956 Proof Set contained five coins, consisting of the Franklin Half Dollar, Washington Quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel, and Lincoln Cent. Two varieties exist for the half dollar. The Type 1 is identified by the four dangling feathers on either side of the eagle's wings. The Type 2, which is the scarcer version, has three dangling feathers on each side of the eagle's wings.

Like all earlier proof set years, cameo and deep cameo coins can be difficult to find. However, the 1956 Proof Set contains a great proportion of cameo coins than other years, particularly for the Franklin Half, which is fairly common in cameo.

You are bidding on 5 unopened sets of 1956 proof coins. The 1956 proof set was only minted 669,384 times and includes the Ben Franklin Half, George Washington Quarter, Franklin D. Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel and Abraham Lincoln Penny. Also included is the Philadelphia Mint Token. The coins are sealed in their
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