Two Unplated Four Margin Penny Red Imperfs On Entire Edinburgh To Hull 1847.

Entire To Hull From Edinburgh Via Newcastle-On-Tyne 1847.

The Entire is addressed to Hull and has Two Unplated Four Margin Penny Red Imperforates on lettered T C and T B and both have a 131 Duplex.On the back there are three postmarks a MAY with a triangle 3 F 1847,a NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE MY 3 1847 2 and a HULL MY 4 1847 A,please note Entire has a crease where it was folded in half but when sent it will folded back to original format.The entire is a full page letter and mentions a couple of names about a debt,the date for a debt has expired,arrangement to get the debt cleared etc.Please see scan.