UNPUNCHED OVER THERE: Western Front 1916-1918 GRD SPI

new and unpunched.

A game of the 1916-1918 campaigns on the Western and Italian Fronts during World War One, using units that are mostly divisions and brigades, with two-week turns, and maps at 16 miles per hex. Optional scenarios extend the war into 1919-1920, and allow Over There to be mated with the game March to Victory: West Front 1914-1916 to play out all of World War One in the West from 1914 to 1920.
A second game on the campaigns in Africa in World War One, with units that are mostly brigades and regiments, with one-month turns, and maps at 64 miles per hex.
A third game on a hypothetical 2nd Mexican-American War following the historical American 1916 expedition into Mexico in pursuit of guerrilla leader Pancho Villa.

Playing time is over 8 hours.

Number of Players is 2 or more.

3,640 counters
Ten 15"x11" map sections
410 pages of Order of Battle info covering 1914-1919.