Unscratched Loot Cards - Spectral Tiger Mount!

I am quitting WoW, and would like to get rid of my collection. I have decided to sell them in lots. In each lot you will get:
1 Loot card
2 cards of random rarities (sometimes extra Loots!)
Each one is sealed in an envelope, and randomized. some of the cards you might get:
2x Spectral tiger 3x Blazing Hippogrypgh 2x X-51Nether-rocket
3x Mottled Drake 5x Whooly white Rhino
6x robotic homing chicken
10x The red baron
20x landro's gift
22x fools gold
30x grim campfire
80x sandbox tiger
15x landros gift
8x grim campfire
65x path of cenarius
136x Slashdance
96x paint bomb
42x landro's lil xt
20x tiny
Plus many more!
By buying this you are Agreeing to these terms and confirming that you read the full listing. Please send me a message if you have any problems or questions!
thanks for looking!