Wheat / Indian Head Penny roll. This auction is for the machined /crimped shot gun penny roll as seen in the pictures,which shows these end coins:1866 Indian Head Penny.1867 Indian Head Penny.#A-169. I recieved these rolls from my fathers estate.He worked for the USPS as a window clerk for more then 30 yrs.From the 1940's thru the 1970's.After which he retired.He also was an avid coin collecter his whole life,mainly concentrating on pennies.He didn't believe in coin books,but put his pennies in paper rolls.I estimate his estate had over 1,000 rolls!So,I will be listing some of them here to see if I get any offers.These rolls are unsearched by me,but I opened 10 rolls to see what was in them.I did find a good mix of teen's thru fifties with some steel cents,and between 5-6 indians per roll. Winner will recieve actual roll pictured! I numbered the rolls for stock reasons,so whoever won a roll would get that exact roll.Shipping: I ship daily with USPS tracking.Payment is due within 48 hrs. of your last auction won.PLEASE REQUEST AN INVOICE FOR MULTIPLE WINS TO GET THE SHIPPING DISCOUNT.Rates: $2.95 USPS First class for one roll. $4.50 USPS First class for two rolls. $5.95 USPS Priority flat rate for three + rolls.Rolls will be wrapped tight with bubble wrap,and packaged in a bubble mailer(up to 2 rolls) or flat rate priority box (3 ... read more