1 Unsearched Half Dollar Bank Roll ($10) -Old Silver Coins Possible

You are bidding on 1 bank wrapped roll of half dollars. Each roll contains $10 worth of half dollar coins . The picture is of a sample roll and does not include the roll on which you are bidding. Different banks use different colored coin wrappers. The roll you receive may have a different color wrapper than the one pictured. The coins shown were found in a 50 roll box I searched. Rolls from that same box were shipped to eBay winning bidders.
Each week, I buy boxes of half dollars (50 rolls per box) from local banks and search the rolls in the boxes for myself. Some boxes have no silver coins. Some have quite a few. The rolls I sell on EBay come from boxes where I have already found coins. You should not expect each roll to have silver. I have no way of knowing what is in each roll. The nice thing about this is you are receiving $10 in coins for your purchase. Your risk is the amount you pay over $10 for a chance of finding something more valuable. My risk is the cost of the coins, the Ebay and Paypal charges (about 15%), shipping costs and my forfeit of the chance to find that same silver coin for myself.
Because half dollar coins are rarely used in commerce, it is not unusual to find pre 1971 40% and 90% silver halfs mixed in with the copper/nickel varieties made since 1971. I also find coins dating before 1900 and
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