Unsearched Half Dollar Roll - Possible Kennedy Franklin & Liberty Silver

Unsearched Half Dollar Roll - Possible Kennedy Franklin & Liberty Silver

I just received a large quantity of rolled half dollars. In the first two boxes I opened, I pulled out over 50 silver coins (see the third photo.) From the next box I opened, I pulled out three rolls with silver showing on the end (see the first photo.) I'm keeping these three rolls, and selling the rest. Each purchase is for ONE UNSEARCHED ROLL as illustrated in the second photo. You are not purchasing the silver I have found in the first or third photos. Some rolls have coins on the ends that appear to be uncirculated (or at least, very lightly circulated since they are in these rolls,) as well as a couple of proof coins, and a lot of bicentennials.

Please do not leave negative feedback if you buy a roll with no silver - I can not guarantee what is in the rolls since I did not wrap these coins or break the rolls. The only guarantee I make is that you will receive a machine-wrapped roll of 20 half dollars.

All rolls purchased will be shipped on Tuesday or Friday via USPS - I will select either First Class or Priority Mail depending on the quantity purchased. Shipping is discounted if you purchase multiple rolls, but I make no guarantee that you will be charged the actual shipping cost. Keep in mind that between ebay
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