Unsearched Kennedy Half Dollar Roll *Silver Showing* Both Ends Silver Enders!!

Genuine roll of unsearched Kennedy Half Dollars. 20 coins, $10 face value. This roll shows a 1942 Walking Liberty on one side, and a Reverse Walking Liberty on the other side. This roll was pulled straight from a $500 box of half dollars, which originated from a Federal Reserve Bank Vault. I've found thousands of silver coins in these boxes over the years, and save the "ender" rolls to auction off. These vault rolled half dollars are getting harder to come by with each passing day. The roll pictured is the exact roll you will receive, shipped immediately after payment is received. Bidding starts at $0.99 with no reserve.

***DISCLAIMER*** This is a 100% genuine, unsearched $10 roll of Kennedy Half Dollars that was pulled from a currently circulating $500 box. I process these boxes in quantity every week, and am constantly pulling the rolls with silver showing on the ends. It is extremely common for pre-1971 silver coinage to get mixed in with the post-1970 copper-nickel coinage, and quite frequently silver coins end up on the ends of the roll as they're being rolled in their originating bank vault. These rolls with silver showing are notorious for containing more silver within, but it is not guaranteed . I have absolutely no control over the contents of the remaining 18 coins in this roll. By bidding on this auction, you
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