Unsearched Penny Roll 1868 3 CENT / CIVIL WAR TOKEN

Unsearched Wheat Roll - 1868 3 Cent & Civil War Token

Pictures shown are of the ACTUAL roll you will receive.

This auction listing is for a rare ¢0.25 cent “short” roll or “shotgun” roll of wheat pennies. These vintage rolls are extremely hard to find! All rolls are tightly wrapped in plain brown wrapping, and crimped on both ends .


1868 3 Cent Nickel

Army & Navy Civil War Token

My father purchased these at an estate sale in Old Town Pasadena, in the early 1970's. The seller told my father that her late husband had been an avid coin collector for many years, collecting Wheat Cents, Indian Heads, Flying Eagles, and Silver dimes (Barber, Seated Liberty, and Mercury). Coins were privately rolled although I'm not sure why they were rolled together...

Since these coins remain unsearched, I cannot make guarantees on what you will find or will not find in this roll, so please do not have expectations of finding several “key dates” within rolls, although it is possible, it is also unlikely. I can tell you that there have been reports of brilliant uncirculated red and steel wheat pennies found in addition to Indian Head pennies in various conditions and a variety of silver dimes already found.


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