Unsearched Penny Roll w/ 1906 AU Indian Head Cent Showing

The first side of this roll there is a 1906 AU Indian Head Cent showing full liberty, all four diamonds, and great feather detail. On the other side of this roll there is another Indian Head Cent showing the reverse of the coin. This is the exact roll you will receive. Please let the pictures be your judge on grade and value.

Good luck and enjoy bidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Above is the detail for this great auction. I would like the opportunity to explain what you are bidding on. Up for sale is an Unsearched Roll of small cents that may include Flying Eagles, Three Cent Nickels, Dimes, War Tokens, Indian Heads, Lincoln Wheat Back Cents, and more. I have listed and sold over 2000 of these very same rolls since I've been on Ebay. I had purchased well over 250,000 shotgun rolled small cents over 2 years ago. When I purchased these rolls I opened 15 of them to see the contents. I found a nice variety of coins including a nice amount of Indian Head Cents in each roll. I do want to add the majority of the rolls I opened were Lincoln Wheat Back cents. After the 15 were opened I proceeded to list them on Ebay. ALL of the remianing rolls have gone unsearched! I have since opened many rolls with my son to have some fun! I have found that these rolls are very much the same I as I opened 2 years ago. Due to the fact that I
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