Unsearched Penny Roll 1916-S / IH REV showing 97

Your bidding on a Full 50 COIN, UNSEARCHED SHOTGUN PENNY ROLLthat was purchased from a family in Tennessee. The pictures shown are from both ends of the actual roll of pennies up for bid. The types of pennies this family had collected were Flying Eagle, Civil War Tokens , Indian Head and Wheat Pennies, dating from 1857 to 1958. Many different Key date pennies have been found. Silver Dimes(Mercury, Barber and Seated Liberty) and Nickel Three Cent pieces are also in some of these rolls. Steel Pennies and Brilliant Wheats are seen very often. Take a minute to read my feedback. Many say what they have found, while others say how they felt about going through these old pennies.

THE TWO END COINS SHOWING ON THIS ROLL ARE: 1916-S Lincoln Head Penny Indian Head Reverse
The other 48 pennies inside this roll:
Judging from my feedback and what I have seen, you will more than likely find:
A good amount of Indian Head Pennies in different conditions. You may find some in great condition. Indian Heads from the 1860's and 1870's have been found, just not as often as those dated after 1880. A higher than average amount of Teens and Twenties , with a decent amount of D and S mints. Some in fantastic condition .Wheat pennies showing brilliance or a lot of red have been found from the 1920's through 1950's. 1930's, 40's and
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