Unsearched Penny Roll with One Country Civil War Token and Steel Wheat tail

1) A Civil War token that says, "One Country, Broas Pie Baker 131 41st St N.Y."
2) The tail of a Steel Lincoln Wheat penny
This is a roll of unsearched pennies that we purchased from a large estate sale. In this roll you could find anywhere from 48 to 52 coins and the roll could include any of the following: Flying Eagle (1857-1858), Indian Head (1859-1909) and Wheat Pennies (1909-1958) in About Good to Brilliant Uncirculated grades. From what we have sampled and heard from others you could find Indian Head pennies (possibly even from the 1850's to 1880's), S and D mints, Steel pennies, Silver dimes (Seated Liberty, Barber, & Mercury), Brilliant Uncirculated pennies (usually from the 30's-50's), and even a Civil War Token or Three Cent Nickel on occasion.
These pennies are machine rolled. We have not opened any of the rolls we are selling. All that we can say for these rolls is what is on the ends. However, from what we have found ourselves and according to our feedback these rolls are very decent! Hopefully you will enjoy them and have fun searching through them!
If there is anything that you are searching for please let us know and we may be able to find it for you as we are always buying out Estate Sales and searching for more to sell. If you have any questions
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