Unsearched W/Penny Roll THREE CENT /IH REV SHOWING f43



These Rolls came from a Large Estate coin collection of an italian man and wife consisting of over a Thousand Unsearched Rolls and Many Canvas Bank bags filled with pennies. , All of these items will be auctioned off here on ebay in Seperate Lots as I have time to list them over the next few weeks until the entire collection has been sold.

Im going to start Every Roll at Just 9.99 Cents with No Reserve and let you decide how much their worth !!

This Roll is at both ends and has Not been Opened or Searched by me, Since The roll is both ends I can only tell you what I can see from the outside of the Roll, the coin showing On one end of this roll is a THREE CENT showing and on the other end of this Roll I see the back Side of an Indian Head coin, since this roll is at both ends and , unsearched by me I have No Idea what other dates could be inside this roll and make no promises as to what you may find, please note that Buyers have reported finding early date Wheat Cents mixed in with the Indian Head coins inside of these rolls . by the looks of these Old paper rolls it appears they have been in here for quite some time as well as some of the rolls have other writting and random markings on them..

Since I have so many of these rolls the photos used in this auction
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