our dad past away 3 yrs ago and collected coins since a boy we have just about every kind of coin including several complete set of pennies IH AND LINCOLN silver halfs and quarters. my brothers and i thought this was the best way to sell his coins hope you enjoy them as much as he did . THIS COLECTION IS VERY BIG AND WE WILL BE ADDING COINS DAILY FOR YOUR BIDDING PLEASURE. we are not pros so look at picture and grade for yourself if you have any questions please ask and we will do our best to answer 10% WILL GO TO BENEFIT CANCER WITCH IS WHAT TOOK HIS LIFE THE REST GOES TO OUR MOM . so and know that your bid goes to a doing great things and you get somthing great not just for you but to help so many peaple. and if you have somone who past away from cancer GOD BLESS and if t a surviver than know that money that goes to cancer treatment may have saved t lives.ALL COINS ARE AS PICTURED AND A WE HAVE OVER 5000 TO PLACE SO IF T IS SOMYHING YOUR LOOKING FOR TELL US AND WE WILL TRY TI LIST THAT A.S.A.P THANX
tt we opend 10 of 500+ rolls to see what was in them we found lots of goodies we have 30+ I.H from those rolls some silver dimes bu wheats and all mint marks we will be selling these rolls till ts none left A.S.A.P WITH YOUR FEEDBACK AND DADS GREAT COINS WE THINK THESE ROLLS WILL GET BIDS OF $50.OO + thanx in advance for your

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