Unsearched Roll Wheats 1854 Seated Dime Barber Reverse?

Up for Auction:
1 x Unsearched Roll of Wheats, The pictures contain the actual roll you are bidding on!

End Coin 1 - 1854 Seated Dime

End Coin 2 - Barber Dime Reverse? (Maybe Seated? I have trouble distinguishing the two reverse sides)

I just purchased a mass amount of rolls, all showing a dime, flying eagle, indian cent, or wheat ends. I've decided to keep some for myself, and I'm offering the rest for sale. I've found plenty of indian cent pennies and a few steels in the rolls, a few dimes have appeared as well. Wide variety of dates in the wheats!

These rolls are guaranteed to be unsearched and unopened, I've personally found coins in all kinds of conditions and years in the rolls that I have opened, who knows what you might find!

I cannot offer any returns, due to me not knowing what is inside each roll, however on that same note - being that they're unsearched, you may find the jackpot roll!
Good luck and keep posted on my upcoming listings, as during the summer I'm an avid estate auction / rummage sale / any sale in general attender.

These will all be Mailed out of Minnesota, as I'm up at the cabin for the summer!

Lower 48 States only.

PayPal only.