Unsearched Shotgun Penny Roll "D" Barber Dime/1908 IHP

ALL Rolls I sell are Tightly Crimped on both ends Shotgun 50 cents in each roll.

"D" Barber Dime Reverse Possible key Date??? & 1908 Indian IHP Possible Key Mintage S???

Starting at 99c


For the past 2 and a half years I've been traveling all around to auctions,yard sales,garage sales,coin shows,and flea markets to look for coins. I've been pretty successful finding nice coins to be able to sell. I've had many buyers very pleased with their coins finding great key dates as well as finding nice older coins in their rolls.

I've sold batches from with my granpa's batch as well as other batches I found from estate sales. So check out these upcoming rolls I'll have up for sale! Check out feedback below for buyers that have had great results in finding great coins. Either I deliver good coins or I deliver Fast..most customers have been very pleased with my service. I hope to continue my good service to you all.