UNSEARCHED vintage/now junk jewelry lot lbs wear,repair,craft lot 90

this is a vintage to now unknown lot.in these lots you will find rings,earrings singles/pairs,bracelets,brooches,necklaces,pendants,pins,tie tacks,cufflinks . the pics are of middle layer, signed and unsigned.free ship to US only NO RETURNS there are to many pieces i do not know what all is in this box.as you can see from pics some pieces are bulky,each box will be full . this tub is from moms store room the lid reads :FROM STORE(STORAGE) ROOM NOTHING IN THESE LOTS HAVE BEEN SEARCHED.i have taken hand fulls of jewelry out of the 281LB tub im working on and put in these boxes. these tubs are from my mom who owned a jewelry store PLEASE NOTE MOST EARRINGS WILL BE PAIRED AS MOST ARE IN LIL BAGS,I HAVE OPENED MOST BAGS AND DUMPED INTO BOXES SO THERE WOULD BE MORE ROOM.. please keep in mind i have no idea what is in these lots,i am legally blind so i can not see what in them.IF YOU EXPECT PERFECTION DO NOT BUY THESE LOTS,THERE MIGHT BE PLASTIC,WOOD,METAL,ECT IN THESE LOTS,IT MIGHT BE ALL VINTAGE,IT MIGHT BE ALL MODERN,IT MIGHT BE BOTH.IF YOU ARE PICKY DO NOT BUY MY LOTS