Unsearched Wheat Penny Roll - 1866 3 Cent Nickel/1919 S Wheat Penny

This auction is for a unsearched Wheat Penny Roll. On the end is a 1866 3 Cent Nickel and on the other end is a 1919 S Wheat Penny. You will find Indian Heads inside all of these rolls. You also have a great chance of finding Wheat Penny Teens, S-Mints, and post 1900's Indian Head Cents. Also you might find 1909 s/vdb's, Flying Eagles, Silver Dimes, Steel Wheat Pennies, and other rare older coins. These rolls are not guaranteed to have all nice rare coins. You might find low grade all the way to nice coins with a quality high grade. I do offer refunds on unopened rolls if there would happen to be any issue with them.

Thanks For Looking And Good Luck Finding That Rare Coin !