Unsearched Wheat Penny Rolls Excellent

Greetings & welcome to my auction!

You are bidding on a 50 COIN UNSEARCHED ROLL , with a nice mixture of pennies ranging through 1958. I purchased these rolls in an antique & county estate auction near San Francisco, CA. The auctioneer told me that much of the estate items were over 45 years old including jewelry, coins, silver and household items.

These particular rolls have some minor wear and mildew but the end coins look like they are in great shape. The wrappers are the old style waxed and have West National Bank on the side. Some are starting to un-wrap. I have listed a few in the past and some of you have written back leaving nice feedback.

One customer left a very nice feedback regarding a 1908 S Indian cent in fine condition (Thanks William T.!). I can’t guarantee that you will find a 1908 S cent in your roll but I can guarantee that these rolls are unsearched and have been stored for some time. I can only guarantee what you can see on the ends.

Excellent detail! This particular roll looks in great shape. It has a 1906 Indian Head in XF condition (full Liberty) on one end and a very fine 1907 Indian Head cent on the other end. These are really gorgeous coins so take a close look at the 1906!

Please read my feedback and pay close attention to what others are saying about
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