5 Old unsearched wheat penny rolls Indian Head Cent ends - Storage Unit Find!

We've bought a lot of storage units over the years, and there are some things that just don't sell well in our retail shop - so we're bringing some to eBay! This auction is for a lot of *5* cent rolls showing two very old Indian Head Cents on the ends. Some of these rolls have the end coins showing, and some have the dates showing, and some have one of each. This auction is for a randomly selected group of *5* rolls from the hoard, because honestly, selling them one at a time is slow. :) And since we've got so many rolls, the higher the ending bid, the harder we'll sort through the end coins of the rolls to ship the winner nice ones! The bulk of these 50 penny rolls should contain a mixture of dates and mints from 1909-1958. From what we have opened it should be mostly 1909 to 1950s Wheat cents with a few scattered Indian Heads as well - we've found as many as 20 in a single roll.
Be on the look out for possible key dates: 1909-S, 1909-S VDB, 1914-D, 1922, 1931-S, 1955 Double Die and semi keys.
You might also find some Indian Heads, Flying Eagles, silver Dimes ... even gold quarter eagles ... what ever may fit in a penny wrapper!
We can't guarantee what each roll contains ... These rolls haven't been opened, and have been in storage for who knows how long. Due to the nature that the rolls are unsearched by us, unopened
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