Underneath where is reads, (Piya Dolls Factory) Bangkok, Thailand, it also reads MADE BY "PIYA CHUANSATHIRA". Could this be an original????

What a rare doll this is and really pretty..She is actually prettier in person. This Thailand doll from Bangkok is 16" high including unremovable stand..The ENTIRE doll is vinyl as far as her body hair and stand. Her clothes are cotton and the beads are glass, I think. Her jewelery is aluminum and the material on her legs is a woven type of cotton and those are glued on and are suppose to be that way. What a great addition to a VINTAGE doll collection if you are into restoring. The hole in her ear looks like a bubble that popped when it was manufactured, but not sure. Her fingers have bent back over the years and I saw some others online that did the same so no avoiding this with vinyl sometimes. The vinyl is solid all the way through. You don't really see the flaw in her hand when on display because I had to pull her hand forward just to take a picture of it...once you let go it bends the other way like she is dancing. Her clothes were hanging off her when I found her so they are now lightly hand stitched ,just to keep them in place. I believe they used glue in place of sewing. The paint on her hair has come off in places but it's not flakey. Some dolls like this had a turbon on their
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