Unusual Beautiful 60's Lg Mosaic Cut Glass Hanging Lamp

This lamp comes from a collection of mosaic lamps - circa 1960's, 70's. They have been stored in a basement but have remained in good condition. I have 5 unusual mosaics all together. This particular lamp is a church window/tiffany look when lit. it is the most striking of any lamp I have ever come across. The gallery picture shows what it looks like lit. It is simply gorgeous. The other two pics were taken with the lamp off. T is a huge contrast you would never imagine how this subtle looking daytime lamp could be so vibrant lit up. T is some corrosion/residue on a portion of the top metal support. It would not be noticed when hanging and may clean up with an abbrasive polish. That is the only flaw (see pic). It is quite heavy from all the glass so would require a secure hook to hang it. I would suggest a hook that goes directly into a rafter or cross brace. As with all of these mosaic lamps a hollow wall hook will not support the weight and definetly not this lamp. If you attempt it t will be a big hole in your ceiling with a smashed lamp on the floor. It weighs 17lbs!

This lamp measures 18" long x 15" diameter. The chain measures approx 14' with a 16' cord.

I like to describe items as accurately as possible especially when I am a novice with the particular item I am selling. Please email with any additional info
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