Unusual Gold Victorian Mourning Locket

This is a lovely Victorian Mourning Locket which is quite unusual in design.
Whilst it is without hallmarks my local reputable jeweller has confirmed that the back and front are 9ct. gold whilst obviously the inside and fitments are gilt metal.
It is double sided with the engraved front opening to reveal what seems to be the original old tinted photograph. The reverse opens to reveal beautifully placed hair with gold thread.
Size; 1 x 0.75 inch diameter.
Condition; Good. Odd little age related dent but nothing too significant. The front snaps shut well but the back just closes to although I am not certain whether it even should. It is not loose and floppy and does not fall open at all. Inside glass not cracked or chipped. Hairwork in good order.
A really super little locket.