UNUSUAL & Rare 'DRAGON VEINS' 9 Eyed Dzi Bead

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UNUSUAL & Rare 'DRAGON VEINS' 9 Eyed Dzi Bead

This fantastic 'DRAGON VEINS' 9 Eyed dZi is extremely rare! Please take a closer look at the close-up photo (4th) , the natural 'veins' form up so fine and nicely on the body.
It has an excellent shape and this 9 Eyed dZi is HUGE too (54mm) , perfect surface with oily good patina (please take a closer look at the 4th photo) . Mild weathering marking and some usage marks on it surface. Less than 10% of dZi beads contain 'veins' on it body, that's the reason why if dZi contains natural 'veins' is kind of rare.
Tibetans believed 9 Eyed dZi assists the entrepreneur in finding their ideas and strengths. It assists its owner to expand the intelligence and wisdom, gather wealth, achieve good health, success, gain power and expelling evil and acts as a protector.
Dzi Hunter has been tested the magnetic energy of this special dZi. It contains MASSIVE MAGNETIC ENERGY. You can't find it from other sellers.

Type (Pattern): 9 Eyed

Origin From: Tibet
54mm (Length) x 14mm (Diameter)

Grade: Superior
Extraordinary Benefits:
Gathering the Nine-fold Merits, ensuring the growth in compassion, power and glory thus bringing about immense benefits.



Quality and Authenticity
Dzi bead material belonging to the nine-eyed cavenous rocks and it contains elements of jade and agate. The colors can generally be categorized into jet black, dark and light brown. Patterns of dZi stripes are generally milky white and lines etched to inner core. Milky white stripes color is the highest quality, and thus more precious.

Due to weathering, ancient dZi bead's surface appears weathering marks, cinnabar, scales, chippings and corrode. It surface will appear naturally smooth and lustrous from inner to outer, because it has been passeded down from many generation and worn by different collectors, and also blessed from monks. Basically, it authenticity can be determined based on these few points.
The internal color of the broken Pure Dzi Bead (top) is milky white, with the dark brown color covering one third of the radius. The broken imitation dzi on the right demonstrates white line just printed on the surface, the internal body looks unnatural.

Why I felt dizzy and thirsty after I put on the dZi?
I received few email from buyers, and they asked why they felt dizzy, thirsty, temperature increased (fever), diarrhea etc after putting on the dZi. Yes, it is normal. Because dZi contains natural energy and started it therapy on the wearer. It will be stabled down after few days or a week later. If any wearer really feel uncomfortable with such effect, my suggestion was; wear the dZi 1-3 hours a day and slowly increase the wearing time after day after day until you feel comfortable.

HIGH QUALITY Authentic dZi bead from Dzi Hunter!
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