Unusual Vintage Carved Mole Fetish Neck - Zuni

Here is a very unusual, vintage carved mole fetish necklace. It is unusual because all the fetishes are moles. The moles are strung on heishe of pinshell & natural turquoise. Each mole is made of abalone shell and has inlaid black eyes. One or two moles have slight imperfections but that is the natural way the shell was formed and is not damage. The artist is from the Lasiloo Family (exceptional Zuni family of carvers) and each mole is carved so that the back is reddish and each bottom is irridescent swirl of colors - ranging from vibrant pinks, greens, greys, black and some blue. The center mole measures 1-3/8" long x 5/8" wide with a thickness of 1/4". All the moles are approximately this size with some being slightly larger or smaller but the thickness is the same for all moles. The necklace measures 28" from end to end. The mole represents self-acceptance, grounding & healing and is the direction of underground (badger-south, bear-west, eagle-sky, mountain lion-north & wolf-east; these are the 6 directions). I bought the necklace is the 1970's and have kept it in a cloth bag but never worn it - just like the great carvings and the idea of moles for healing. This is a final sale and sold as is. There is no damage to the moles or the rest of the necklace. There is no return. If you have any questions or need more

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