Unusual Vintage Necklace Plastic or Bakelite? Deco? Green With Carved Beads

Wonderful vintage jade-green necklace of plastic or Bakelite beads; I'm not sure which. The necklace is 28 & a half inches long with a lovely screw clasp which is made of a plastic bead with a metal thread. The bulk of the necklace is made up of round beads which have been carved into shape and have a lovely non-uniformity about them. They are very slightly graduated with the largest bead at almost half an inch long an almost an inch & a half in circumference. I don't know the age of the piece but it looks as if it may have been restrung fairly recently, though I'm not sure. The largest bead is about one & three quarter inches long and about three & a half inches in circumference. There are four longer beads on the necklace, two at about half an inch & two at about two inches long. These have patterns carved into them and give the necklace a slightly Eastern feel. The largest bead looks like it has a slight imperfection which I have tried to capture in the second photo. I'm not sure if this was done in the making of the necklace or whether it's suffered a slight knock at some point in the past. Either way, it's very small and not readily noticeable. The large bead is really beautiful with the swirl of the green and clear plastic really prominent. The smaller beads are beautifully opaque and remind me of green ... read more