Upgrade kit for PASGT kevlar helmet. ACH chinstrap

This is a custom PASGT upgrade kit at a price that can't be touched by the competition. Many PASGT upgrade kits are available from larger manufacturers, but they generally cost over $100. Our kit performs just as well and can be purchased for less than half the cost of the competition. This kit can be installed in under five minutes, and the only tools required are two flat-headed screwdrivers. Included in the kit is the chinstrap, hardware, foam pads, velcro for pad attachment and a detailed instruction sheet describing the installation process.

Features of this kit:

*Will fit all sizes of the PASGT helmet.

*Multi-point adjustable chinstrap (four-point adjustability - front and back on the right and left). This is the same chinstrap as used on the ACH helmet. Chinstrap manufactured by SDS.

*Foam padding is designed to cushion impacts and provide air circulation.

*Pads are high quality die-cut neoprene closed-cell foam rubber measuring a 50 on the Shore 00 scale.

*Foam pads can be arranged to suit the exact comfort desires of the wearer.

*Pads and adjustable chinstrap are far more stable than an issue PASGT suspension.

Give your PASGT a great upgrade from that uncomfortable military-issued suspension! If this isn't what you want, please check our eBay Store for a great
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