Upholstered Cranberry Velvet Chair Fits American Girl

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Upholstered Cranberry Velvet Chair, Trimmed With Hob Nails -Fits American Girl Doll -Very Good Cond.

Doll Furniture :

Upholstered Chair

Cranberry Velvet with Hob Nail Trim

Fits American Girl or Other 18" Doll

Very Good Condition


This beautifully upholstered chair is an adorable and well-made piece of doll furniture.

It has wooden legs and some really comfortable-looking upholstery. It is cranberry color velvet with hob nail trim. (see photos)

It will fit any American Girl or other 18" doll.

This chair measures 12 1/4" wide and about 7 3/4" deep. It is 5" from seat to floor and 14 1/2" from the top of the back of the chair to the floor.

One arm of the chair has very faint fading from being in the sun. Otherwise, this doll chair is in really nice condition - and still very pretty. (please see photos)

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